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5 smart tips to save money on your vacation

In travel, cheap does not have to be bad if you plan smart enough.You want to have an amazing economical vacation – meaning you still have some money left in the bank account after you come back home. These 5 tips will help you sort it out in any trip!

1. Travel off – peak

Tourist destinations are always packed during the peak seasons, long holiday periods or even weekends. Hence, prices go up as a result, not to mention that it is also harder to find vacation needs like hotels, camping sites, bikes etc…  By avoiding to hit the road on these occasions, you will not only save yourself a good amount of money but also buy a lot of time to enjoy your trip – on the go, every moment counts!

Go off – peak – a good choice for a budget friendly trip

2. Make the most of the free times/ discount tickets

Before you visit a tourist attraction, make sure to check whether it offer discounts of any kinds. Some temples are free to enter on a specific day of the week, some parks charge you only 50% of the price if you show your student card. In some places, museums cost you much less but offer you more or less an equivalently qualified traveling experience.

Make the most of free entries

3. Act like a local

Talk to the locals, be friends with them. You will find out the tremendous helps that they can give you. Ask about their favorite food or shopping places. You don’t want to wander aimlessly around the tourist streets and spend double on the same shirt that you can find in a local market with a much cheaper price. Some locals are even kind enough to invite you over for a rest at night, but don’t forget to give them some gifts in exchange and appreciate their way of life!

Eat what locals eat – get exposed to the culture and save your budget!

4. Bring your own food & water

Food is one amazing way to get to know best about your destination, how ever, to bring some food from home will be your perfect back-up plan on the first day when you don’t know where to eat, when you just arrive and too tired for a new discovery. Besides, sometimes you may get allergic to local cuisines, or even when you are short of foreign currency.

A bottle of water can be of great help when you have to walk a long distance to save money and enjoy the street slowly. If you travel broad, bring your own empty bottle – you may get free fills at some public places like bus station, food stalls etc…

Always have some snacks in your case as a back-up plan

5. Plan your accommodation wise

Unless it is on an occasion of luxurious ritual such as honey moon, you don’t want to spend all of your savings on a five-star hotel.  Rent hostel, dorm, sleep on trains or go couch surf are some alternatives. If you pack light enough, you will find in your case some rooms for a tent set, which will give you a romantic night in a camping site with much lower cost. Always remember, “go local” is your best motto. Ask locals where they don’t want to sleep in, and avoid the “traps”. Spend your nights wisely to discover the beauty of the place. After all, you will take home a lot more from the vacation where you allow yourself to get to know the locals better by experiencing their everyday choices.

Camping could be the most unforgettable experience and economical at the same time


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