Grand Canyon – The Mysterious Great Canyon In The US

With the area of almost 5,000 square kilometers, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, the US, is one of the most must-see destinations for tourists all over the world. Visitors call it the great canyon because of hundreds of huge canyons that be considered as the largest abysses in the world. The canyons of the Grand Canyon are combined by the red color of stone and the yellow color of sunlight with the vague streams. It looks like an interesting natural painting.

The road to the Grand Canyon

Visitors can come to the Grand Canyon from four different directions, but at best, from the south because of the forests, the streams, the charming scenery and the convenient traffic of the South. From the North and East, the roads through the mountains are more rugged, and several highways are closed for the snow in winter.

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon located at 2,100 meters is a national nature reserve signed the Ordinance to establish in 1908 by the 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. This is a traditional resort attraction of Americans with tens of miles of stone-paved path along the brink with several ecological hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, airports and free bus systems.

Because the North Rim of Grand Canyon is located 300 meters higher than the South, it is colder. Although as the crow flies, the distance from the South Rim to the North one is 16 kilometers, actually, the distance is 344 kilometers due to going round to the other side of the canyon.

The romantic train line

At the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, visitors can buy tickets for the ancient Grand Canyon train of the early 20th century where visitors enjoy their breakfast and sightsee the canyon in the chilly atmosphere in the morning. If visitors are adventurous and close to nature, they can explore the Grand Canyon by a hiking, long or short one depending on their health. A hiking follows the trails such as South Kaibab Trail or Bright Angel Trail that is vague in the valley. If making reservations a few months in advance, visitors can try the feeling of riding a mule and go along the rugged trails. It appears the Far West Americans in the past.

And eventually, it’s hard to describe the strange feeling when visitors reach the destination point of travel – the bottom of the canyon – to dip their feet into the green and the cool water flow of the Colorado River. You will not understand that you are putting your feet in the door of heaven, where is absolutely peaceful or in the middle of the road going down to the ground.

However, with many visitors, perhaps visiting the West Rim is a more appropriate choice because the distance from the rim to Las Vegas is just three hours by riding. In 2007, with the permission of the Huapalai native tribe – the actual owner of the West of the Grand Canyon, a Chinese – American investor built a unique horseshoe-shaped steel-glass structure, reaching out more than 20 meters from the cliff of above 1,600 meters over the Colorado River.

This work is named the Skywalk (walking in the sky) because visitors walking on the glass bridge can see the whole scene of the canyon with the green Colorado River and the wings of birds flying under their feet. The fare for the Skywalk is $ 32 and $ 18 more for sightseeing the whole Hualapai Indian cultural Reservation.

Experience from the height

However, in order to satisfy the visitors who want to experience the feeling of floating on the Colorado flow but don’t want to go on foot, the tours for the Grand Canyon by helicopter and small plane are available. With only about $200 each, the lovely tourist helicopters of Pappillon Helicopter company as the glass dragon-flies take visitors from the airport through the brink of canyon and land gently on the bottom area of canyon right by the river’s bank.

This is the interesting opportunity for visitors to experience the breathless moments when they sit in the helicopter and see the brink right below their feet. The funny American pilots are ready to implement a swing or lower the deep abysses with high speed to have the exciting loud cheers of visitors.

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