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India – A taste of nature

Ask anyone and they will definitely tell you about India’s diversity in culture including languages, music, religions, architecture or food. And yet, India is not only rich in lifestyles but also in natural beauty. Young, wild and green, it is whispering into the wanderers’ ears. Looking closely, you will never stop being charmed by its enchanter!

Pure and sweet – Valley of flowers

The famous valley of flowers is from the National Park in Uttrakand. This alluring place is famous for its charming meadows of alpine flowers. Endowed with a diverse range of endemic flora, it is picturesque in its beauty.

On some special occasions, it is a good idea to leave the chaotic city for the quiet scenery and vibrant colors of this remote valley. Nature will miraculously calm your heart and ease your mind.

A yellow part among the colorful “gown” of the Flower Valley

Mysterious and surreal Borra Caves

Ever been mesmerized by the interior structures of caves? Here’s much more for your eyes: This stunning naturally formed cave manifests the beauty of mother nature way beyond what human mind can imagine. A charmingly mysterious cave filled with limestone and stalagmite, Borra Caves will give you the perfect adventurous escape from the steaming hot summer blaze.

A surreal look inside of Borra Caves

Go wilder in this tropical jungle paradise – Cherrapunji

The strong and free waterfalls from the top of the highest evergreen mountains

People call it the wettest place on earth, and you can call it one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This jungle with the completely natural tree-root bridges will bring your adventures to the next level, leaving you the feeling of ever entering the exploring journey of yourself. Needless to say, you can hardly deny the utmost wonderful beauty that India harbors inside of its every remote or secret corner.

A view from a tree-root bridge

Sand dunes, Jaisalmer – the ever changing strokes by the wind

The heat is so enchanting, the sand is playing, giggling invitingly. It’s time for your eyes to spread over a boundless sand area of Jaisalmer. The vibrant “strokes” on the sand surface is vivid through night and day. Besides, the experience will be much more interesting on a camel back, offering you a slice of life of a Nomadic caravan!

Under the heat, and on a happy camel

Apart from all that, a night outside a dessert tent with the view of a starry sky can also be an unforgettable memory in your traveling diary.

A night dancing out the sand


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